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Horizon Chiropractic 

504 South Main Street

River Falls, WI 54022

Phone:  715-426-4774

Being Whole Massage & Angel Services

504 South Main Street

River Falls, WI 54022

Phone:  651-448-2442

Schedule online:

Image by Jane Gonzalez

The Salt Cube, LLC was a partnership company established by Doctors Amy Schreiner and Beth Antoine of Horizon Family Chiropractic and licensed massage therapist, Toni Geving of Being Whole Massage and Angel Services.  All three businesses are housed and operated within the same building in River Falls, Wisconsin.

As a team, we work to provide a relaxing environment that helps you to fill in the gaps in an alternative way.  Ask one of us for assistance in scheduling your halotherapy, sauna, ionic foot bath, or next combination of services with us.  We will help you in whatever way we can.

"I went after having a cold and experienced being able to breathe better and my sinuses felt clearer. the time was extremely relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone who just needs a healing experience." Kim M.

"First experience with halotherapy, very relaxing! Would recommend."  Jennifer H.

"Nice to relax in, the white noise fades to the background. Lean back in the zero gravity chair, close your eyes and leave the world behind for a bit. Come out feeling your lungs open and a bit more peaceful."  Christine A.

"Went here a few weeks ago - so relaxing and felt amazing afterwards - highly recommend!"

Jacqueline B.



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